Uniform - Essential Information

Badge Locations: Find the badge placement for different sections by clicking the images provided.

Purchasing Uniforms: Uniforms for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Leaders are available at various locations.

Local options include:

  • Truetex Schoolwear: myschoolwear.co.uk, 14 Cockcroft Rd, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 8LL

  • PMG Schoolwear: pmgschoolwear.co.uk, 8 Regal Way, Faringdon, Oxon, SN7 7BX

  • Alternatively, order directly from the Scout and Guide shop page.

Six Challenge Awards

Seven Challenge Awards

Nine Challenge Awards

Badge Placement: The exact order of sewing badges is not crucial. Use the diagrams as a general pattern for badge arrangement.

Retaining Old Uniforms: When advancing to a new section, you may wish to keep your old uniform with all its badges as a keepsake. This way, you can preserve the memories and achievements from that section.

Acquiring New Uniforms: Upon joining a new section, you can obtain a section starter set. This allows you to begin adding new badges to your fresh uniform. If you prefer to maintain the original state of your old uniform, consider purchasing replacement badges, especially for staged activities.

Transferring Badges: You have the option to either transfer some of your existing badges to your new uniform or buy new ones. This flexibility allows you to preserve your badges' condition or start anew with crisp badges.

For any uncertainties regarding which badges to keep, transfer, or how to place them on your new uniform, it's always a good idea to consult with your section leaders. They can provide guidance and ensure that your uniform reflects your Scouting journey accurately and proudly.

Transitioning Badges When Moving to a New Scout Section:

World Membership Badge: This badge accompanies you throughout your Scouting journey, from Beavers to adult volunteering. You can choose to unstitch and re-sew it onto your new uniform or simply purchase a new one for convenience.

Joining In Awards: You can display up to four of your most recent Joining In Awards. For example, if you have been in Scouts for 5 years, you would display awards from Levels 2 to 5.

Moving On Awards: You should wear the Moving On award from your last section as a symbol of your progression. Only the most recent Moving On badge should be displayed on your new uniform.

Duke of Edinburgh's Awards: Display the highest Duke of Edinburgh’s Award you’ve achieved. When you earn a higher award, replace the older badge with the new one to showcase your latest accomplishment.

Chief Scout's Awards: Similar to the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, you should always wear the highest Chief Scout’s Award you've earned. As you advance and earn higher awards, update your uniform to reflect these achievements.

Section Challenge Awards: These awards are specific to each section. Therefore, only wear Challenge Awards relevant to your current section. Previous section’s awards should not be displayed on your new uniform.

Staged Activity Badges: Unlike Section-specific awards, Staged Activity Badges are cumulative and can be carried over to your new uniform. Always display the highest level of each Staged Activity Badge you’ve earned.

Section Activity Badges: Similar to Challenge Awards, these are section-specific and should only be displayed on the uniform of your current section. Avoid mixing badges from previous sections.